About Us

Our company

Created with the thought to protect your loved ones from online threats, TheTruthSpys is the modern monitoring solution with lots of features. TheTruthSpys is merely an app you can install on anyone’s device. Be it your wife or husband, a kid or an employee, TheTruthSpys sends instant updates on anyone’s mobile activities.

TheTruthSpys software was launched by a group of curious developers who wanted to ensure their kid’s safety. Started as a straightforward tool for location tracking, it turned out to be a powerful monitoring solution that is used to track both kids and adults.

What do we do?

TheTruthSpys is the innovative monitoring app, which has to be installed on the device you plan to monitor. Once installed and set up, TheTruthSpys starts logging activities. The app captures SMS, call information, GPS location and more.

The good thing about TheTruthSpys is that you don’t have to be near the target device to monitor all activities. You can track someone’s text messages while staying at home, at work or just anywhere, where there is an Internet connection.

TheTruthSpys works remotely and invisibly. You don’t have to worry that the person you spy on can notice the monitoring software on their mobile phone. TheTruthSpys logs the activities in the stealth mode and transfers all the data right to your online Panel.

To get to know your spouse or kid better, log in to your TheTruthSpys Panel and find the activity logs collected by the app. TheTruthSpys categorizes activities to help you easily reveal what’s hidden in someone’s smartphone.

TheTruthSpys covers many features, which allows you to see what’s stored on your spouse’s or kid’s device. Here are the most requested features of TheTruthSpys:

  • •  GPS trackerMeant to help you to find your beloved one quickly, GPS tracker allows you to find out where they linger when you aren’t with them.
  • •  Call recordingDo you want to know who they communicate with? TheTruthSpys records all phone calls so you can listen to them later.
  • •  WhatsApp SpyMonitoring all WhatsApp chats, TheTruthSpys allows you to read all messages sent and received on the target mobile phone. With these and many other features, you can be 100% aware of the safety of the people you care about.


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