All-in-One Employee Monitoring Software by TheTruthSpy

October 31, 2017 3:33PM

by: Allen Johnson

All-in-One Employee Monitoring Software by TheTruthSpy

All-in-One Employee Monitoring Software by TheTruthSpy

All-in-One Employee Monitoring Software by TheTruthSpy

TheTruthSpy is introduced in the market as the latest high-tech mobile phone monitoring system. Anyone can easily install these spy software from the app store or the website. Make sure first, the spy tool you are downloading
in your phone must be suitable for devices. The spy tools are working on the basis of the operating system. So keep the thing in mind and install the app which is suitable for your device. Once you have installed the spy
app in Smartphone, you are able to access message information, call history, and call duration and GPS location if the signal is available.

The major benefit to using the spy tool is that you don’t need to be worried about being near to the device. Just install the application on the device which you want to hack and get their information on the website. TheTruthSpy
is basically a new generation monitoring application. It is the competitive world, and the businessman wants to know competitors business strategy. That is why they want to access their phone’s data. Though competitors
can spy mobile phones sometimes, you need to monitor their own employee’s mobile phone to know whether they are faithful or not.

TheTruthSpy can help you enforce employees follow company phone usage policy. You will make sure your employees use company mobile for business purpose only. Your company has to pay many dollars for employee’s phone usage
every month. You want to make sure your money not wasted for nothing. You suspect your employees contact with your competitor and sell out company’s information.

The Best Employee Monitoring Software for Android phones

Employee Monitoring Software, Monitor Employee Remotely, Employee Tracking App


Using the Employee Monitoring Software does not provide contact or messaging information only but provide some additional tracking experience such as:

  • GPS Tracking Location

    the spy text software not only gives you features to spy text but also you are allowed to see the live activity of the targeted person. The GPS tracking system offered so that you
    can see the live activity of your spouse using your android mobile. Live activity means here to see the location of the targeted person on the map. You can monitor where your spouse been busy whole day and what
    all places he/she went. You needed a good network and internet connection for GPS tracking the targeted mobile phone. Also in this way you can know how many weeks your spouse been on work and how many days he
    or she been fooling you. GPS Tracker

  • Manage Calls

    the mobile spy app helps you monitor the targeted phone call activity. The call activity like who is your spouse been talking and for how much duration he is involved in the
    conversation can be monitored by you. In the app after login, you get to see the call activity of the targeted person. Using your Smartphone, you will be able to do all this activity with the help of this app.
    Call Tracking.

  • Monitor Internet Activities

    the mobile spy app is designed in the manner that it allows you to spy on the browser your partner using on his/her mobile. This helps you know which all the browsers he/she
    use and what content they were watching. Also if they clear the browser search history still you will get search history information of his cell phone on your spy app account. Monitor Internet Activities

  • Instant Messengers (***)

    these days people use the WhatsApp more than normal SMS because of its feature allowing you to share content like photos and videos. The mobile spy app helps you monitor WhatsApp
    activities. You can view the messages, archives, spam messages of the targeted cell phone and save it. You can view shared media files on WhatsApp and deleted conversation as well. To spy WhatsApp, you must be connected to
    the internet otherwise you won’t be able to monitor. WhatsApp Spy

  • Phone call recording (**)

    the spy text software and mobile spy app give you the feature of call recording. The call recording is saved automatically from the targeted person cell phone and uploaded to
    your account. When you log into your account, you can listen to the call recording. In this manner, if you are unavailable to monitor then automatically the app will ease your work and won’t let you miss the conversation. Also,
    you can save the call recording that you can use as evidence against the targeted person in future if he/she cheats you. Phone call recording

  • Remotely Control

    Remote access through online control panel and send SMS commands to target devices to do a specified action. Remotely Control

  • Record SMS Message

    spy text software available in play store gives you feature to spy SMS. The features help to monitor SMS you can know about the targeted phone conversation with another person, and read other messages
    coming in their mobile like company messages, bank messages, etc. SMS Spy

  • Alerts & Notifications

    If SIM card changed, it will silently notify you via SMS message to let you know new telephone number.

  • Support Options

    We support 24/7 and Money back guarantee 05 days. Almost feedbacks will be replied within 4 hours.

  • 100% undetectable

    Your kids cannot know if there is TheTruthSpy installed on their devices… 100% undetectable

  • Read Contact History

    TheTruthSpy will let you all contacts (address books) including telephone numbers stored on mobile devices. Read Contact History

  • View Multimedia Files

    software not only helps TheTruthSpy but also you can see the saved media files on the targeted mobile. In this way, if your spouse is hiding any photographs from you in his/her mobile then you can
    monitor by using mobile spy app. View Multimedia Files

  • Ambient Listening

    the phone spy software has features for ambient voice recording. This feature helps you hear the surrounding voice area. The recorded content uploaded in mobile which you can listen as
    well as download. Ambient Voice Recording

  • Auto-answer (Spy call)

    You make a call from your phone to target phone. It will be auto answer without knowing from users. Spy Call

  • View Notes contents

    All Notes from mobile devices will be sent silently to server to let you view. Maybe you can know important data such as password of facebook or other sensitive data…

  • Record Apps usage

    View history of application usages on target device and you can block what application you want.

  • Key Logger

    Captures all what target users typed on target devices so can know password of facebook for example.

Need to use employee tracking software TheTruthSpy apps

You wonder if your employees really go out to attend conference with customer or just for personal reasons. Are they using company vehicles for right purpose? With GPS tracking feature and Trace Mode feature, TheTruthSpy can help you
trace company’s vehicles, transport employees to anywhere in the world. TheTruthSpy can help you make sure they arrive to target place safety and on time. Running silently on target phone, TheTruthSpy help you to keep track
all SMS, Call, GPS location and Website visited history of target phone. You will know all the truth. All data are recorded and sent to your secure online account which only you can access to review and manage.

Monitor Employee Remotely

Monitor Employee Remotely

How does the Employee Monitoring Software work?

However, it looks complex to use and difficult to execute, but it is quite easy to hack someone’s digital information. Complete guidance on the application and the documentation support may take you to use this application in a frequent
manner. Using the one or more the one time, you can understand better to use it. You can find a number of spy apps in the app store, but 10 to 15 spy apps works. Remaining are fake or not working or manipulating peoples. The best
spy app is TheTruthSpy which can provide all these requirements said above. TheTruthSpy is available for all the mobile platforms such as Android and iOS. The customer has to agree some conditions are-

  • Customer needs to agree on the term and condition before installing the spy application in your device. They have to provide assurance to use this software in a legal way.
  • Employees or child performs URL browsing, call activity, and SMS messages. The spy app can help to provide log history and much more.
  • Customer needs to log on the spy app before hacking the device. That means the customer needs to sign up with the application to access it from the website.

To get the spy app on your victim’s device, you need to perform some actions. These will help you to get the device information on the website which can be accessed by mobile phone or the PC.

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First step

The first step of employee location tracking software or the TheTruthSpy is needed to purchase it from the website. The website includes a suitable application for Android and iOS platforms. Make sure which OS you have and download the software. Before downloading the software,
you have to purchase the app from the website. The license to use this hacking tool will provide you after buying it. Buying the application offers you to use this application legally. You have to pay a small amount for getting
these facilities. So you can use a debit card, credit card, and internet banking to buying this spy app.

Though you have the option to download the spy app from the app store but this free app does not provide these services. The premium spy apps are best for this purpose. Sometimes these apps do not available on the website that
is why you have to install these apps from different websites. That is why you have to perform jailbreak activity.

Second step

After purchasing the employee monitoring app from the website, you need to download and install the application on the victim’s mobile phone.
While downloading an app, it will ask you to have the administration power of the device. Confirm this and tend to hack the device. Also, the device prompts you to switch on the location that means enable the GPS system. This
help to track the employee or kid if he/she is available ion GPS network area.

Third step

In the third step, you have to adjust settings and provide all the control to the spy app. Control on the spy app over mobile phones provides better hacking facility.

Fourth step

It is most important activity if you are going to track Employee’s mobile phones. You have to make username and password with the application which provides you unique identity. After making username and password, you will
allow logging on on a website and tend to monitor the device.

How the Monitor Employee Remotely with TheTruthSpy?

Basically, it affects the control system of the device. The control system of the mobile phone is an operating system. It controls all the hardware and application software of the device. So the spy software manipulates the operating
system and instructs it to execute an unwanted instruction. This is beneficial for hacking tools. The spy tool controls all the necessary options which can help to hack the device.

Powerfull Features

Employee Monitoring Software, Monitor Employee Remotely, Employee Tracking App


Other facility provided by TheTruthSpy?

The Employee Monitoring Software helps to hack the mobile device that is why businessman used it to know whether the employee is trusted or not. It include a lot of benefits, and some are listed below:

Hide option

When you install the spy application in the mobile phone, then it makes their icon on the desktop or screen of the phone. If the victim watches this icon, then he/she delete this which is inappropriate. So you have to purchase the
spy app which includes the hide option which enables you to make invisible the icon. Only you can make changes in the app properties. Due to its invisible property, a victim does not feel able to watch it and cannot analyze its
phone is hacked.

Small in size

You have to download and install the spy app which should be small in size. The application includes hiding option, but large size application required high RAM space. If the application placed in high space, then there is a possibility
to hang phones. At that time, people can check their memory usage and delete the unwanted applications. In that case, you have to buy the spy app which is least in size.

Easy to use

You find spy apps and search on the app store. You will get millions of results. All these applications are not trusted, but some are. You have to analyze which one is best for you and suitable for your device. Some people want to
hack their employee’s device but cannot due to the app’s complex operations. So you have to buy the TheTruthSpy which is easy to use. Just download, install and make an account with the app and ready to use it. It does not require
a wide technical skill to operate hack tools.

Free and premium services

The spy tools are moist probably premium and demand a lot of money. But in order to make better strategy in business, it is a small amount to pay. That is why people are ready to pay the amount. So, the TheTruthSpy is the best option
which provides some basic requirement in free of cost. Basic requirements are call history, call duration, text messages, and else. Some premium facilities are also available which demands small payment as compare to other. WhatsApp
hacks, Facebook hacking, SnapChat hacking and else are the premium option for you. You can use internet banking, debit, and credit cards to make payment with the website.

Multimedia file accessing

Spy apps usually provide call, message, and calling activities but not the file information which is saved in the device. But the TheTruthSpy is the best option for you which offer you to access the media files from the device. Basically,
it is the internet based hacking spy tool, so it is difficult to hack media files. So you have to read the name of a file and analyze what is that? The truth spy is the best option as we have mentioned all the benefits and features
oh it.

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