How to spy on someones cell phone without installing software on target phone

December 18, 2017 7:55AM

by: Allen Johnson

Know how you can Spy without installing software on target phone

There have been many new possibilities with the newly arising technologies. Smartphones have now become the most inseparable parts of human life and have lots of benefits wrapped into them. However other than the benefits,
there are many threats too that come along. Cell phone spying in that case no longer remains to be something unknown or less popular. In the present time where there is nothing that happens without a phone, cell phone
spying allows some better supports to make life easier with the technological positives and negatives. Since the use of spying is increasing and is greatly needed, there are many different methods that can be used for

Traditional spying and the needs of the present world

There are many different processes that can help you spy a cell phone for various purposes. However, these are known to vary greatly. Spying cell phones with the traditional coding methodologies can be really confusing
and difficult. This is because it involves a lot of technical concepts. These many not be understandable for the general people or users. And to reduce these limitations, there are spying apps like the TheTruthSpy.
These applications are complete sets of programs that allow spying without any long process and make it extremely easy for the users. They allow you to enjoy a lot of amazing functions and conduct spying in a different
and manageable manner.

Know how you can Spy without installing software on target phone

Know how you can Spy without installing software on target phone

How to spy without installing software on the target phone

This is certainly the main problem that arises when you are talking about spying cell phones. Most of the methods for spying are known to require the target cell phone. However, you need to find a way that can let you conduct
spying without the need of having the target phone with you. And as per our discussions so long, TheTruthSpy app is one of the best solutions you will find. Using spy apps can be something really great as it enables
you with a lot of interesting things. With the use of a perfect application, you will not be required to have the target phone with you. Also, you need not download the application on the target device.

You just need to follow some very simple steps. You will be first required to download the application on your device. Then set up your account on the online control panel of the application. Now you need to enter the number
of the cell phone you want to spy. Once you have completed these steps, the application will set up the connection between your device and the target cell phone. Once the connection is established, you will be available
with all the activities that are conducted via the target cell phone. You can view everything on your device, without the need of having the target cell phone with you.

There are further many more functions and services that help you conduct spying in the most interesting and the easiest ways. It is really good to know all these services and functions as this will help you to deal with
the various tasks in a better way. And hence we are going to discuss all those here.

Install Mobile Spy TheTruthSpy for Android

Install Mobile Spy TheTruthSpy for iPhone

Features of spying on cell phone

When you are spying someones cell phone, you want that you have the maximum support and services which make everything complete very efficiently. There are a lot of features that the spy apps like TheTruthSpy offer you.
You are available with enormous facilities that are needed to make spying better for you. Below discussed are some of the common features that spy apps can provide you with.

Features of spying on cell phone

Features of spying on cell phone

Manage calls and contacts

You can have a perfect record of all the incoming and outgoing calls from the target device. You will have a complete list of these calls along with the exact time stamp. There are functions that also allow you to record
these calls so that they are available to you later. You can, therefore, listen to live calls or record them for listening afterward. However, both the ways you are able to know everything that is being talked on the
calls. This feature is something good when you are trying to spy your partner or monitoring the activities of your children. This allows you to manage situations in a better way.

You will be available with the complete contact list saved in the target phone. Thus you will know all the people in contact with the target user. You can also make spy calls to and from the target device without the knowledge
of the target user.

Texts and Instant Messages

You will be able to read all the messages that are sent or received by the target phone. Also, you will be allowed to read all the instant messages from platforms like Whatsapp. All these texts will be available to you
with the other details related to them. You can read these messages any time you feel like and make out certainly some important facts from these. These text messages can help you a lot when you are spying your children
to monitor their activities or know what’s going in their mind. You are timely notified about these messages so that you do not miss out any of them.

GPS tracking

If you are really eager to know where the target user goes or where they are right this moment, then the GPS tracking feature is probably the best for you. The truthspy will allow you to know the exact location of the target
phone and subsequently the target user. This way you can easily know about their regular activities and the places they visit. GPS tracking is one of the best features that you may find with the spying applications.
However, it is up to you to make the best use of it. You can make out a lot of important things with the help of this.

Social Media Monitoring

In the present time, you cannot deny that social media constitutes one of the major part of a persons day. Therefore when you are going to spy a cell phone, you need to be sure that you do not miss out this important element.
TheTruthSpy will allow you to maintain your eye on all the social media activities of the target user conducted via the target phone. You can monitor activities of the target user on the platforms like Facebook, Viber,
Skype and other social media platforms like this. Therefore it is true that with the help of an application like this you are not going to miss out any important element when you spy.

The use of the Web

Almost everything from the daily tasks is now related with the use of internet, and without that, the tasks may be incomplete. Therefore if you are really trying to properly spy on a person, then you may require knowing
all of his activities on the web too. TheTruthSpy will help you to get the complete record of the internet usage through the target phone, and you will know what is being done or searched. You will be available with
the complete list of the search history. This way you will get the sites that have been visited. This is something really good as you can protect your children from the malicious content online by blocking the unwanted

Ambient Listening

This is the newest feature that you may be not able to find in any of the spy apps, and the TruthSpy app is probably among the first ones to provide this. This feature lets you listen to the voices that exist in the surroundings
of the target device. Therefore you can use this feature to listen to the things that are happening away from your sight. This can be a great way of witnessing events that you cannot view. This is the best way of listening
to the talks that are going on in the other room.

You can make the best use of this feature to deal with some different situations in different ways. This is the best feature that you will be able to experience with any of the spy applications. Therefore you may try to
make the best of its use whenever possible.

View Multimedia Files

With the help of an application like this, you will get access to all the multimedia files that are saved in the phone gallery or shared via any social media accounts. These multimedia files can prove to be great source
of information for you and hence this feature is something very interesting. These multimedia files will let you recognize whatever the target user is viewing. There is an additional benefit that you get with this feature,
and that is, you will be notified whenever a multimedia file is added to the gallery.

These multimedia files are known to include photos, videos, and other audio files. Also whenever a photo is clicked with the phone camera, you will be notified about it also. You can view these files despite the fact that
they have been deleted from the phone gallery. And this is something really interesting.

These are some of the most common and interesting features and functions that you will be available with the use of the spy apps like TheTruthSpy. You can use all of these differently and creatively to fulfill all the tasks
involved in spying.

These features always make the spy apps better than any other methods of cell phone spying. You can complete numerous tasks in a single package of services. This becomes both time-saving and efficient, and this is the greatest
need of today.


Android Spy Software

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They are the most appropriate for your needs

They are the most appropriate for your needs

They are the most appropriate for your needs

Now if you are still confused about where to use these spy applications then there are probably many answers for this question. There are many situations where applications like TheTruthSpy can be the best for your help.

Monitor the activities of your employees: If you are a business owner, whether small or big then you may know the importance of a committed work force very well. You can make use of this application to
know what your employees do during their working hours. You can also figure out people leaking secrets from your firm. You can also find if your business partner is cheating you. Thus you can manage work very easily
with this application and give it some new dimensions.

Care for your children: Bringing up children is something that holds great responsibility. You need to be very careful especially for your children who are now teenagers. This application will help you
perfectly to monitor their activities in front of you or away from your sight. You can use the best features of the application to guide them to the correct path in life and help them become better individuals.

Know about your partner: If there are certain misunderstandings between you and your partner, then you can know what’s on their mind. An application like this is perfect as you can do everything without
their knowledge. This way you can keep your relationship to a safer zone and also remain tension free about your partner.

Lost devices: Applications like this are not just good for spying someone but are also great to protect the important data on your device memory, in case you lose them. You can lock all the important details
with the help of this application so that it does not move out to any wrong hands.

Thus there are multiple advantages of having a perfect spy app like TheTruthSpy to deal with the various activities in your life. These are the best ways to give some new dimensions
to the life of an individual in the present period of growth. You can handle the different situations in your very busy and stressful lifestyle very easily with the help of these. This is something really effective
to manage both the professional and social fronts in your world. Therefore having an application like this will always prove to be a great boon for you.

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