Thetruthspy Monitor

TheTruthSpy Monitor

August 30, 2017 11:02PM

by: Allen Johnson

New Version (Beta): TheTruthSpy Monitor application

TheTruthSpy Monitor application – server version for TheTruthSpy application. It is FREE 100%

Compatible with iOS 7.x, Android 4.0 To 4.5.
Compatible with: All Apple/Android iDevices.

Direct Download for Android: TheTruthSpy Monitor 2.0

Direct Download for iPhone/iPad: comming soon

Target Data
Sync Settings

How to Use TheTruthSpy Monitor application?

  • Download & Install TheTruthSpy application on Target Device
    For iOS: Download
    For Android:
  • Login or Register Account for TheTruthSpy application to start monitor
  • Instead of logging your account to Web Panel(, you can install TTSMonitor(TheTruthSpy Monitor) on your phone, and monitor and view all tracking data from Target Device

Why TheTruthSpy Monitor application?

We had developed TheTruthSpy (since 3 years ago) to make the parent take care their children or to let someone to find the true from cheating spouses. (Almost our customer are happy. Maybe the price is a little expensive than other products
but we offer 3 devices for 1 account. Other products offer 1 device for each account. So at the end we has a lower price compared on multiple devices. If someone wants to use more or less number of device please contact us at [email protected]

After installing TheTruthSpy applciation on their target phone(s), they must visit to view the log (SMS History, Call History…).

Everytime they visit they must enter their account and after viewing the logs they must do an action “clear history” of browsers (Safari…) because they do not want to let a chance for their target (their children…)
know about being tracked.

So, we decided to develope TheTruthSpy Monitor application as server version (monitor version) of TheTruthSpy (like a client/target version) to let them view the logs without accessing the website

Let’s install it on your iDevice.

What TheTruthSpy Monitor does for you?

– It is FREE 100% for TheTruthSpy Monitor application.

– No need to enter (login) everytime you want to view log.

– Multiple accounts and Profiles: If you have many TheTruthSpy Monitor accounts, you can add accounts one time and for next times you just select which account you want view the logs.

– You are able to back up the logs by sending it to your email box. Export data to TXT (CVS) file.

– View the logs (old logs) without internet connection.

– Have ability to trace GPS realtime (for example every 10 seconds).

– Multiple languages (now support English only).

– You can Share GPS Info or Photo Log by Email/SMS;

Images TheTruthSpy Monitor application